Henderson & Henderson is a family-run businessbuilding north Georgia’s finest lake homes.

Quality Homes on Lake Lanier

The Henderson & Henderson brothers build more than just north Atlanta’s finest lakeside homes—we build a unique lifestyle.

From the location, to the orientation, to the floor-plans, construction and amenities, every detail in a Henderson & Henderson home forms part of an overall lifestyle design.

Whether you are a young couple looking to raise a family in the clean environment of northern Atlanta, an executive looking for a summer retreat, or a senior enjoying the comfort of retirement, our aim is that your Henderson & Henderson home will contribute each morning, afternoon and evening, to an ideal living experience, year-round.

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Building on the success of the Alyssa, the Andrea has modified and amplified dimensions, gorgeous stone supplementation, and set back into a forested Lake Lanier cove in Gainesville. The home includes a full suite of quality amenities, and a two-story dual-slip dock. This home is immediately available for purchase.